How I Choked Away My Chance With Naomi Watts

The one that got away ...

The one that got away ...

Now honestly, what were the odds that I would literally cross paths with Hollywood beauty Naomi Watts? Sure, she’s filming scenes for her upcoming movie, “Fair Game,” three blocks from my apartment, but still.

Well, it happened. And I blew it. Big time.

It had been raining all morning, but finally, a little after 11 a.m., there was a break in the downpour. So I decided to walk down the street and see if they were still filming, or if the rain had totally screwed their plans. The road next to the park where they’re filming was not blocked off to foot traffic, so I headed on over.

As I made my way to the park, these two ladies started walking right toward me. One was holding an umbrella over the other one’s head. (So Hollywood, right?) Of course, that lady standing under the umbrella happened to be … Naomi Watts.

I recognized this with plenty of time to devise a plan (they were a good 10 seconds from crossing paths with me and I tend to think fast when under pressure). I had a camera in my pocket, ready to go. It was just the three of us: Naomi, me and random umbrella-carrying lady. There were no crowds of crazy, adoring fans. No paparazzi to hide from. Just a semi-innocent looking dude wearing a Mets hat and sporting two-day-old stubble (thank God I changed out of the sweatpants I was wearing earlier!), ready to have random umbrella-carrying lady (we’ll call her RUCL from here on out) take what would be the greatest Facebook profile pic in the history of the world.

Instead, here’s what I did: nothing. I just awkwardly stared at Naomi … and kept on walking.

Considering I have interviewed and shot interviews with plenty of celebs during my career as a broadcast journalist (Bill Murray, Elton John, Justin Timberlake, LeBron James … the list really does go on and on, but I’m not counting), you would think the last thing I’d be was starstruck. But notice those other celebs I mentioned were dudes? And there I was, back in high school, afraid to ask the popular girl out on a date (or, in this case, for a photograph).

I suck. And I’m sure Naomi and RUCL know it.

Of course, to punish me for my stupidity, the rain decided to come down in buckets moments after our non-encounter. Pictures (none with Naomi, of course) below.

I hear actors (and camera equipment) melt in the rain

I hear actors (and camera equipment) melt in the rain

The closest I'd get to a picture with Naomi Watts.

The closest I'd get to a picture with Naomi Watts.


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