Wiping: The Poll

toilet-paper-overOverheard a very interesting conversation the other day (for their sake, the involved parties shall remain nameless). The talk revolved around wiping. As in your backside. After “dropping a deuce.” (Hopefully, by now, you get the point.)

I will leave out the specifics of said conversation — for your benefit and mine — but I must address the heart of the matter. A debate raged over the proper way to wipe oneself after defecating. (Is there really a polite way to say any of this? I swear, I’m trying. I really do want to have a highbrow conversation about this. Seriously.) Person “A” wipes sitting down, reaching around the backside to take care of business. I always thought this was the only way to conduct oneself in the bathroom … until person “B” explained their way of doing it: between the legs.


Okay, this makes no sense to me. As a man, I don’t even think it’s anatomically possible. But even for a woman … why?

There are so many places I could go with this, none of them good, so I’ll leave it at this: I want to know what you do. (Anonymously, please. I don’t need a mental picture. Or a real one.) Take the poll and let me know. I’ve even thrown in a “wild card” option.


2 thoughts on “Wiping: The Poll

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