Wacky Video Wednesday (Sportscast Gone Wrong)

In honor of my sportscaster friend “Red” who is visiting New York this week, and the fact that I’m making my first trip to Citi Field tonight (holla!), Wacky Video Wednesday has a sports theme. It’s a sportscast. Gone terribly wrong.

By now, you’ve probably seen “Boom Goes The Dynamite.” So, for variety’s sake, I bring you something different: the “Lorchcast.”

Yes, Lorch is raw and his hair is a little too Zack Morris. But, as someone who’s been in that seat, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge him. Instead, fingers should be pointed at the doofuses behind the scenes who couldn’t figure out how to roll video. Or pot up his awesomely bad sidekick standing by live in the newsroom (“You gotta guard Merv!”).

Oh, and in case you’re wondering … things have worked out just fine for Mr. Lorch.

Aspiring broadcast journalists, trust me: You can recover from anything.


2 thoughts on “Wacky Video Wednesday (Sportscast Gone Wrong)

  1. Man, if we could ever get our hands on the infamous “Special Tape,” that would make for a fantastic Wacky Video Wednesday!

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