Music Video Monday (Asher Roth)

As always, I was slow to the game.

It was just last week I discovered Asher Roth. His debut album is dropping today and he’s been getting a lot of buzz. So much that now I can’t seem to avoid him. (Roth even popped up in my latest issue of GQ.) Google his name and you’ll get over three million results; for comparison’s sake, I googled my name and got 833 … and, unless I author a comic strip, they weren’t all me. Roth’s big hit is “I Love College,” which I still can’t tell if I like (mad props for sampling Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So“) or hate (I loved college, too, but a decade later, rapping about beer pong doesn’t really interest me).

So, is this dude the next Eminem … or LFO? Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like he’s trying to be either. Yes, his voice and cadence eerily resemble Em, but his lyrics do not. Roth is not nearly as talented as Slim Shady, but judging by how things have gone for him so far, he’s having no problem finding his niche.

Oh, and the video posted above is pretty impressive.


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