Best. Mullet. Ever.

I have a love-hate relationship with tourists. Or, to be more accurate, a hate-love relationship.

The hate: They give New Yorkers a bad name. You see, New Yorkers aren’t rude jackoffs like tourists think we are. No, they are the jackoffs. It’s tourists who lack manners and perform rude acts, like cut in line. Then, other tourists see this and (wrongly) assume these people are New Yorkers. Except New Yorkers don’t hang in tourist hot spots … unless, of course, they are with other tourists, a.k.a. entertaining a friend from another city. Which is exactly what I was doing Tuesday when the ugliest family I have ever seen cut us in line at the Statue of Liberty. Which, strangely enough, leads me to the love part of my relationship with tourists.

They say a picture says a thousand words, so …


The love: Flyover state fashion. Ironic hipsters aside, when was the last time you saw anyone in New York sporting that kind of mullet, let a lone a woman! I mean, is she serious? Wait, I can answer that … yes!!! And this is why it’s so damn funny. She intentionally had her hair styled like that. Woke up one morning and thought, “hey, if it was good enough for Billy Ray Cyrus to sport in the ’90’s, maybe it will look hot on me today!” (Her husband’s ear hair was a treat, as well.)

I’m not usually so mean as to blatantly snap pictures of a stranger’s bad hair and post it on the Internet for all to see. But this lady and her inbred-looking family cut the line. That’s not cool.

Even in New York.


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