Another One Bites The Dust (Len Berman)

It’s a sad, sad day for local sportscasters everywhere.

Len Berman anchored his final sportscast at WNBC last night (watch the sportscast above). Len was not my favorite New York sportscaster — that title goes to Scott Clark — but I respected his work. He was a pioneer of the quirky sports highlight segment and held a main sports anchor gig in the number one market for parts of three decades. How many sports anchors can make that claim?

It’s a sad day because another good, talented broadcast journalist lost his/her job due to budget cuts. I have no idea who will replace Mr. Berman. But I highly doubt they will bring the same knowledge, wit and gravitas to the position.

Berman hinted at the fact that his “Spanning The World” highlight segment will continue to have a periodic home on the “Today” show. And he has a new website.

Good luck, Len.


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