What’s On The Menu This Weekend

Being fairly new to the Smith Street scene, I’ve never done Trout because, well, it has been closed down since I moved here.

Not anymore.

The Feed broke the story of Trout’s reopening this weekend. Thinking of checking it out? Here’s the menu.



And if you get down there and discover Trout’s not your thing, then head next door and enjoy the fantabulous weather on Pacifico’s patio. (I have yet to do the Pacifico thing, but hey, if Sam approves, I’m sure it’s good.)

And while you’re in the area, wash it all down with … ice cream! (You thought I was going to say beer, didn’t you? Lush.) Sam is also endorsing Uncle Louie G’s. I have to concur. Just make sure the older fellow with the glasses takes your order. He’ll call you “friend,” and not in a creepy John McCain sort of way.

It’s 9:30 a.m. … is it too early for a scoop?


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