R.I.P., A/C

I had the following phone conversation with my wife today regarding our window air conditioning unit:

Me: “Um … we need a new air conditioner.”
Wife: “What’s wrong? Does it not work?”
Me: “Not anymore!”

And if you’re wondering why the air conditioner no longer works … well, the picture speaks for itself.


Needless to say, I have never installed a window air conditioner. (I say have, as opposed to had, because I still haven’t actually installed one. That, my friends, was a fail.) Luckily, the A/C cost me nothing; the people we’re subletting our apartment from left it behind as a gift. On its way down, the A/C left me with the gift of a bloody knuckle and a scratch on my right calf (don’t ask).

I’m just glad my window overlooks an empty alley and not a busy sidewalk …


4 thoughts on “R.I.P., A/C

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  2. I’m thinking you may want to invest in a portable air conditioner for your knuckles sake. And because if you have to pay for a dropped unit you might not be too happy. The reason I say a portable AC over a window AC is because a portable AC stays on the ground in the room your trying to cool (it has wheels) and you just snake a tube into the window and your pretty much good to go, no need to balance the unit in the window while trying to close the window on top of the unit.

    That picture is pretty funny.

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