Music Video Monday and an Editor’s Note

I’m starting a new job today, so I apologize in advance for the fact that this blog will not be updated as frequently as it has been in its first month of existence.

When I moved to Brooklyn, I did it with no job and no prospects. I moved from the Bluff City to Brooklyn for my wife’s career, rolling the dice on mine. I agreed to this mainly because, as a native New Yorker, this is where I wanted to be.

I learned over the years that friends and family are more important than a job, and being a plane flight away from loved ones sucks. Was it a risk? Sure. I’m not a risk-taker by nature, and the last time I didn’t have a full-time job was when I first graduated from college. And I knew this economy wouldn’t help my chances of procuring employment.

What I didn’t fully realize is just how tough securing a job would be. I expected it may take a few months, but those few months turned out to be five, nearly half a year. I applied to 84 jobs and received three interviews. My emotions often ranged from determined to depressed to frustrated, and back again. I was cranky and overwhelmed. For the first time in my life, I felt like a failure.

Looking back, I don’t regret the experience one bit.

Between networking events and job fairs, cover letters and rejection emails, I learned a valuable lesson: My worth as a person is not tied to a job title. I’ve always been someone who takes my career very seriously — too seriously. Perspective is a valuable thing to have, and if it took me being unemployed for five months to gain that perspective, then it was worth it.

With that being said … it’s damn nice to be heading back to work! I am and always will be a journalist at heart, and that’s what I’ll be doing again starting today.

So, yes, the day has yet to truly begin … and I have no idea what my workday will bring … but I already know “Today Was A Good Day.” (Embedding has been disabled on this video, so you’ll have to click on the link to check it out.)


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