Music Video Monday (An 80’s Guilty Pleasure)

We all have a mental Rolodex of songs that are a little embarrassing to like … but damnit, we just can’t help ourselves.

Here’s one of mine.


2 thoughts on “Music Video Monday (An 80’s Guilty Pleasure)

  1. Not bad, but Rosanna is a much better toto video. The ’80s glasses, the satin jackets… and a guest appearance by a then unknown Patrick Swayze at the 4:23 mark. It’s impossible to beat.

    Other classics include “Your Love” by the Outfield, “Queen of Hearts” by Juice Newton and “Oh, Sherrie” by Steve Perry. The term “nut huggers” was developed after that video.

    • I have to disagree about “Your Love,” only in the sense that I am NOT embarrassed to love that song (yes, it’s on my iPod).

      I’m (secretly) a big fan of men who sing like women. The 80’s had a bevy of those. REO Speedwagon and Boston come to mind.

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