Hipsters And Sports Don’t Mix

One of the major downsides to not having cable is that it puts a sports fan (like yours truly) in a serious bind. Besides the fact that I have to rely on that ancient form of communication known as radio to follow my Mets (although, for the record, I do love listening to Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin), I’m only catching the NBA Playoffs in bits and pieces.

Fortunately, I got to see LeBron’s shot live at a bar last Friday night. And with the Cavs’ game with the Magic going down to the wire once again on Tuesday, I knew I had to get up off the ol’ futon and duck into a neighborhood bar.

I live less than a block from a place called Floyd, NY. I like Floyd, primarily because they allow dogs. However, Floyd does have a bit of a hipster element. And, as I learned tonight (surprise, surprise), hipsters and sports don’t mix.

Would you want to watch a game with this dude?

Would you want to watch a game with this dude?

Over the course of the game’s final two minutes and overtime, I heard two hipster dudes ponder how many minutes make up overtime and what exactly constitutes goaltending. I swear, I felt like I was watching the game with my wife … except my wife has breasts and doesn’t wear Vans. (Well, at least not since 1985. But I digress …)

As I sat quietly on a couch across the way, these hipsters didn’t seem to take to my presence: I think they felt threatened by the fact that my baseball cap was in no way, shape or form ironic. (Oh, and I was wearing a Polo sweatshirt. Double Whammy!)

Again, let me make myself clear: I am not a hipster “hater.” Yes, I do believe they’re often good for a few chuckles, but at the same time I realize that, for the most part, they’re harmless eccentrics. However, they should stay within their comfort zone. That means Indie Rock, bandannas and nut-hugging jeans.

Sports? Leave that to men (and women) who understand what goaltending is.




2 thoughts on “Hipsters And Sports Don’t Mix

  1. I have to wonder about people like that. Can you really grow up and not know basic stuff like that? I think it’s an act that they think increases their hipster-ness.

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