Movies and Your Nabe: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em? (The Poll)

Brooklyn has become a popular place to film movie scenes. Those of us in the Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights part of town have been graced (or tormented, depending on your point of view … more on that in a moment) by the presence of Sean Penn and Naomi Watts as they filmed scenes for “Fair Game” in April and, just this week, Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan and Kevin Smith as they filmed for their upcoming flick, “A Couple of Cops/Dicks.”

On one hand, it’s exciting to have a movie filmed in your nabe: You may have a chance encounter with a Hollywood star and your nabe will end up on the big screen. On the other hand, valuable parking spaces get eaten up by production crews and a zoo breaks out in your front yard.

So … movies being filmed in your nabe: what’s the verdict? Vote below:


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