Editor’s Note (My Laziness)

Late last week, I was walking my dogs and noticed an open door on what looked like a boarded-up storefront on Henry Street between Atlantic and Pacific. Inside, men were hard at work. Wooden booths lined one wall and an old school-looking bar stretched the length of the other side wall. “Hmm,” I thought, “I wonder what this will end up being? A restaurant? A watering hole?”

If this were a few weeks back, I would have asked the men working inside for an answer, then raced back to my apartment, grabbed my camera, snapped a pic of the inside and raced back to my apartment to upload the pic and tell the tens (and, on good days, hundreds) of my blog’s daily readers what exactly was going on inside this soon-to-be occupied Cobble Hill spot.

Instead, I shrugged my shoulders and kept walking.

As many of you know, I am a journalist by trade. When I started this blog, I was an unemployed journalist who used this blog as a creative outlet. What started out as my random musings and observations morphed (if only slightly) into a source for occasional nabe news. It was fun and therapeutic all at once.

I am no longer unemployed, having gone back to work in early May. This, of course, is a good thing. However … it has been not-so-good for this blog.

The busier I am, the less I write. And the fact that I spend my days turning over stones at work leaves me fairly uninterested in turning over stones in my spare time; the fact that I spend my days researching, writing and letting my creative juices run wild leaves me too tired to do the same with this blog.

This is not a farewell note. In fact, the blog isn’t going anywhere, not even on a hiatus. However, I felt I owed you, the reader, an explanation for the lack of output of late. At some point, once I get in a groove with my new job and the dust settles, things (hopefully) will return back to a somewhat normal state. I love Brooklyn too much to ignore it.

Who knows? Maybe my next update will have to do with whatever it is they’re building on Henry Street …


One thought on “Editor’s Note (My Laziness)

  1. Well congrats on getting a job and becoming an alumni of The 405 Club. Income is a beautiful thing. Leave the unemployed blogging to us now I guess. haha!

    New York’s Official Unemployment Network, on $405/week
    Check us out!

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