Is Felicity Stalking Me?


So I was at the Fairway in Red Hook this morning, doing the food shopping thing, when I saw this woman who looked a whole lot like the actress Keri Russell. I was fairly certain it was her, but since my wife has drilled it in my head that I think everyone looks like someone famous, I doubted myself. Besides, what would the former star of a WB show be doing in the produce section of a Red Hook supermarket, anyway? But, being the reporter that I am, I took mental notes, specifically that she had a long-haired man and equally long-haired blond boy with her.

When I got home (after unpacking the perishables, of course — food safety first!) I went straight to google and typed in “Keri Russell Brooklyn.” Lo and behold, Keri Russell lives with her husband and little boy in a brownstone in Fort Greene. I then found a picture of the family walking in the Brooklyn snow this winter that confirmed I was right, as the man and the boy looked just like the duo I saw in Fairway.

Now on its own, that would make for a cute story. But things are about to get crazy strange …

As I washed dishes in my kitchen later that morning, I kept thinking about the little boy. He looked so … familiar. The boy had a very distinct, unmistakable look: extra long, almost girl-like blond hair with big blue eyes. Had I seen this boy before? Then it hit me: the vet.

I took my dog, Stella, to the vet last Monday. My wife had discovered a strange lump on her right ear that we wanted to get checked out immediately, so I walked her over to the vet without an appointment early that morning before work. To say I was in a bit of a frazzled state would be an understatement. While in the lobby waiting to see the doctor, a mom and her little boy sat down on the bench next to ours. I thought for a second the mom looked familiar, but quickly my mind raced elsewhere. The little boy approached Stella, the mom encouraging him to pet the dog. I chatted a little with the mom, mostly explaining how Stella has a one-track mind, and right now her mind was not on her son, but on the rabbits in the cage in front of us. The boy — all of two years old, I guessed — then stuck his finger in Stella’s ear. I politely told him he shouldn’t do that and the mom quickly swooped in and had a “teachable moment” with her son (sans beer) that fingers shouldn’t go inside dogs’ ears. The child stood out because 1) he had really long blond hair and 2) I couldn’t figure out his name, as it sounded like mom kept calling him “Riv,” and I wasn’t sure what that meant.

So … could I have been hanging out with Keri Russell at the vet and not even known it? The minute this thought crossed my mind I was back on the Internet. I pulled up another picture of Russell with her child, took a good look, and was convinced that was the same boy I saw at the vet on Monday. And if you don’t believe me … the boy’s name is “River.”

Or, “Riv” for short.


2 thoughts on “Is Felicity Stalking Me?

  1. One time, when I actually was working at a vet, Mike Gminski came in with his two dogs. I pretended to not know who he was, which was hard considering that his 7-foot frame ate up the entire exam room.

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